The term Hanky Panky was recorded for the first time in the very first edition of 'Punch' magazine: Volume 1 September 1841. A con-man from the streets of London was in court in front of a judge and said:

"Only a little hanky-panky, my lud. The people likes it; they loves to be cheated before their faces. One, two, three-presto-begone. I'll show your ludship as pretty a trick of putting a piece of money in your eye and taking it from your elbow, as you ever beheld."

Here was a Street Magician of his day (175 years ago) using the term Hanky Panky to describe a magic trick of placing a coin to the eye of a member of the audience making it disappear and then reproducing it from his elbow. So the term Hanky Panky came to mean double dealing and trickery and is a fitting name for a company producing Magic sets.