It all started at the Prinsegracht in Amsterdam back in 1958, when Jack Monshouwer joined Van Rosmalen as a partner. Van Rosmalen was a small toy wholesaler established in 1901 and mainly dedicated to sell technical toys and dolls.

It was when a customer requested a Magic box that Jack Monshouwer saw the potential of producing it himself as at that time there was no product like that available on the market. Together with some friends and magicians he started the whole project. In 1961, Hanky Panky's Magic boxes were launched in the Benelux and French market in large quantities. Magic for the mass market was created!

In 1968 the company name changed to Hanky Panky Toys and went international. Showing for the first time Magic boxes at the Nürnberg Toy Fair was a tremendous success.

In the years that followed the Magic range increased: customized items were created to suit the different markets, making Hanky Panky Toys a flexible and dynamic company. In 1973 one of the greatest innovations was launched: the creation of the Magic Hat with a Secret Compartment and Plush Rabbit. Until today this is one of the best selling Magic boxes and a cornerstone to the Hanky Panky Toys business.

In 1975 the factory was moved to Tenerife (Canary Islands). At that time investors from Europe, the USA, Canada and Latin America where attracted by special promotions like a special tax zone. For over twenty years Hanky Panky produced at this location, developing the business and customer base. Jack Monshouwer organized an annual Magic congress that was attended by the most influential Magicians of the world. Diversification was done by developing boxes with famous magicians. For example the Paul Daniels boxes were an incredible success not just in the UK but in many countries throughout the world.

Due to higher production costs and increasing competition the factory relocated to Thailand in 1998. The current location is one of the finest production facilities in South East Asia.

More than fifty years later Hanky Panky is the largest and most successful Magic Company in the World!

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