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FISM™, the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques™ (International Federation of Magic Societies™) is the international body bringing together the world's leading magic societies. The federation was created in 1948, and today consists of 74 magic societies, both national and international, as well as national federations which represent around 50,000 magicians from 40 countries. FISM™'s aim is to create a centralized body unifying the magic world, to be the voice of magic around the world providing a focal point for communication about magic and magicians; to develop, elevate and promote the art of magic; to coordinate the activities of Member Societies, enhancing their authority and encouraging the exchange of reciprocal cooperation and services; to fight against exposure and copying of acts, effects or inventions, presentations or original routines; to organize the World Championships of Magic™. For more information please visit,,;>

Hanky Panky Toys Group has been leading the way in Magic innovation for children and has developed and updated existing magical principles to make Magic stay in vogue with the new generations of children. Examples of this can be seen with the Street Magic Magic-baseball cap with a secret compartment, Gross Magic and Glow in the Dark Magic. In fact Hanky Panky has led the way in developing brands of magic first with Merlin’s magic, (the most famous of all magicians) at the FISM™ World Championships of Magic™ in 2003 a Merlin Magic box was recommended as one of the finest magic boxes for children. Hanky Panky Toys Group is proud to have been elected as an official FISM™ partner.